Renault Sandero

Its strengths

Step into the world of Renault Sandero

Renault Sandero has even more surprises in store.



Comfort and modular layout

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Interior space

Need more space? Renault SANDERO brings you a passenger compartment with five real seats. Travel in supreme comfort with a rear seat of particularly generous height and width. The 320-litre luggage compartment is large enough for all your suitcases.

All-round versatility.
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Height-adjustable steering wheel and driver's seat

For a more comfortable drive, adjust the height of the steering wheel and driver’s seat .
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Folding rear bench seat

The 1/3-2/3 folding bench seat seat lets you carry bulky items with ease.
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320 litre Boot

Carry even the bulkiest items in the 320L luggage compartment.
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Bottle and cup holder

Keep your favorite drink within easy reach.
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Dashboard storage

Discover the new closed storage compartment at the top of the dashboard.
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Door storages

The front door storages can hold a 1.5L bottle. There are also storages on the rear doors.

On board experience

On – board Experience : Renault technology

Multimedia for all

Fully loaded with technology,your new Sandero comes with the automatic air-conditioning, rear parking sensors, Fog Lights,cruise control / speed limiter, and Multi-Function Steering wheels.What could be more practical than an elegant Hatch Back able to adapt to your day-to-day needs!
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Trip computer

The trip computer lets you view the trip settings at all times: estimated range,consumption, distance travelled, average speed, maintenance schedule, outside temperature....So simple!



Improved safety


Cruise control-speed limiter

Use the speed limiter to set a maximum speed and drive safely.To activate this function, simply press the button on the centre front panel.. cruise control makes life easier by maintaining a constant speed with no need to apply the accelerator pedal.
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ABS with emergency brake assist

Emergency Brake Assist system lets you keep your car on course when braking. It works with the ABS function to stop the wheel slocking.
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Driver airbag,passenger airbag with all categories.
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Isofix system

The Isofix child seat anchor system on the two rear side seats lets you fit a universal child seat in the middle.