Child Safety

Child safety Whichever age group your child belongs to, Renault offers you a tailor made solution.

Did You know?

60 000 children in Europe are injured each year in accidents, often because of the lack of a child seat or the use of an inappropriate child seat.

As far as child safety is concerned, nothing is too much for Renault
Because children are more fragile and vulnerable than adults, and to better understand how to protect them in serious collisions, Renault participated in the European research programmes CHILD and CREST, based chiefly on the observations made from 669 real-life car accidents with children on-board. Thanks to this work, Renault has been able to develop its own testing method to endow child seats with the same level of safety as adult seating systems. For each new car, Renault ensures that seats can be correctly fitted and that they meet particularly rigorous protection requirements.