advanced driver-assistance systems


parking assist

360 parking sensors - safety - Renault Austral SUV
360° parking sensors
rear, front, and side parking aid system reconstitute the environment of the vehicle in 360° so you can complete your manoeuvres effortlessly.


7Airbags - Renault Austral - HighTech SUV
7 airbags system
The new Renault Austral is equipped with the highest class safety features, encompassing the 7 airbags (front, side, curtains, and far side) airbags, assuring the maximum safety of all the passengers on board
full LED headlights - safety - Renault Austral SUV
LED adaptive vision headlights
The system automatically adjusts the range and width of the beam in front to suit the driving conditions (speed, bend) and the weather, for increased safety and driving comfort.
blind spot warning - safety - Renault Austral SUV
blind spot warning
Activated from 15 kph, it uses light signals to warn you of vehicles that are outside of your field of vision.
attention alert - safety - Renault Austral SUV
driver attention alert
The system will detect any loss of focus in your reactions and suggest you take a break from driving.